The Ol' Mundane


So recently, like literally just last week on this exact day, I almost made a daring decision that would change everything. I was going to drop out of college. Now it may seem like this decision came out of nowhere,... Continue Reading →


read me a story.

So before you read this post, here's a little fyi for's going to be a little gutsy. So two days ago, it's like 12:30 a.m. right now, so I guess it's technically Monday morning, so it happened Saturday I... Continue Reading →


So recently this weekend my friend went through a break-up. It was hard for her, and for me, to watch her hurt. This guy got way too many chances and abused them all. After being there with her through it... Continue Reading →

don’t worry.

So even though summer hasn't quite come to its end for me, I only have a month and a little less than a half left till I make my way back to Liberty. Let me tell you, that's pretty scary... Continue Reading →


So yesterday was kind've a day where God reminded me of something I've constantly been forgetting, and need to be reminded of. Here's the backstory behind this story. lol. So I have a crush on one of the guys at... Continue Reading →

Just breathe.

Since coming home for the summer I have had so much anxiety. Anxiety for being home, after finishing your first year of college, what? Like is that even real? Well, in my case it is. Since being away at school,... Continue Reading →

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