regarding our country’s current state of affairs

As we come ever closer to the election, America awaits the victor of the 58th presidential election in U.S. history. While there may be four competitors competing for your vote, in the end, only one will be called president. That is the heart of the matter. As our country has been caught in turbulence through… Continue reading regarding our country’s current state of affairs


when i knew my name.

So I know it's been a while since my last post, like two months. There's no judgement here though, right? Anyway, besides the fact I've literally been non-existent on social media for about a month, and my blog site for two months, God has been doing some amazing things. Like people, God is so freaking… Continue reading when i knew my name.


So, I know it's been a couple weeks since my last post, and you might be a little confused and upset if you've been following along....but I have an explanation. Lately God has really been convicting me of some stuff I've been hiding for a while this summer, and to be honest, I've just been… Continue reading bare


So recently, like literally just last week on this exact day, I almost made a daring decision that would change everything. I was going to drop out of college. Now it may seem like this decision came out of nowhere, but I can assure you it didn't. All summer I've been dreading going back to… Continue reading enough.


So recently this weekend my friend went through a break-up. It was hard for her, and for me, to watch her hurt. This guy got way too many chances and abused them all. After being there with her through it all, I felt called to write this post. After ranting to each other about how… Continue reading more.