Hey, thanks for dropping by! My name is Aleks Bennett. Yes, it’s Aleks with a “ks” and not an “x.” Different, huh? Well to know a little about me, I’m currently a student at Liberty University. I’m studying to be a public speaker for Christian women, or in other words, aspiring to be the next Beth Moore, or Lysa Tyrkerst, or as I like to say, I’m aspiring to be Aleks _________ (insert my future spouse’s last name here), meaning whoever God calls me to be. As well, I’m like kind’ve a health freak, and fitness junkie. Just ask my friends about my “healthy ice cream, and healthy pop-corn.” Trust me, they exist. Notice how I used the word like in the sentence before when it wasn’t really needed, well that’s my relationship with the word like. I use that word like all of the time. See, I did it there again. Anyway, if I can say anything else about myself, it’s that I’m a total Jesus freak. He is literally what my life is all about because I’m following Him. Because of Him, I have so much joy, so I love to laugh, and when I say love, I LITERALLY MEAN LOVE. Like, I laugh at literally every single thing, sometimes it can even be on inappropriate occasions that I start laughing, but it’s okay, a little or a lot of laughing never hurt anyone right? As well, since I’m a health nut, there’s not many foods or sweets that attract my attention, but if you know me really well, you’ll know there’s one thing I love. It’s a vanilla soft serve cone with chocolate jimmies, either from Johnson’s Corner Farm, one of the places where I work, or Mister Goodies, an ice cream place down at my school. Literally no other place sells soft serve as creamy as theirs. Now you know when a health nut raves about one of their cheat meals, you know they love that sweet eat. Well, I could keep you reading forever about my life, but I’ll cut it short here. Oh wait, before I cut the rope (what did I even just mean or say, idk?) I started this blog because I felt led by the Lord to share what He’s been teaching me with others for encouragement, conviction, and confirmation. Ever have any questions or comments about something I posted, feel free to express yo-self.

Well, I’m outtie. (out of here, for any of you grammar freaks)

-Aleks Bennett