Just breathe.

Since coming home for the summer I have had so much anxiety. Anxiety for being home, after finishing your first year of college, what? Like is that even real? Well, in my case it is.

Since being away at school, I have always dreaded coming home for holiday or semester breaks. I just don’t like being home. Home reminds me of all of the things I’ve been running from since I became a follower of Christ. Just in these few short weeks since coming home from college, I’ve had so much anxiety.

In just these last couple of weeks since coming home from college, I’ve had so much anxiety being at home. I picked up a second job at the credit union my dad works at, and am continuing to work at my local corner farm market that I’ve been working at for the last two years and a half. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my two jobs, they’re honestly amazing, but since being home I’ve felt such anguish inside of me. Like, I shouldn’t be at home, I should be a camp counselor at some Christian camp, or serving in a church with the women’s ministries pastor, or going overseas for a missions trip, or doing some other Christianese thing that every other Christian college student is doing this summer. Not that doing any of those things is wrong, they’re great, but those things are the typical things a Christian college student does for the summer.

Even though I hate doing the typical thing that every other person does, especially when it comes to my relationship with Christ, I felt so heartbroken that I wasn’t doing any of those things I listed above. Now, just like I mentioned before that I hate being the typical Christian girl, God didn’t want me to be typical either this summer. He called me to be at home with my family and work two jobs this summer. While some would say that’s awesome, I was being miserable Molly over here wallowing in what I wasn’t doing.

That’s right when God hit me like two weeks ago. During my church service, my pastor was preaching on the power of God in 1 Corinthians 4:14-20, 6:9-11, and 15:50-58. He was saying how everyone wants to see miraculous acts like hearings, and miracles, which are amazing and great, praise God, but doesn’t look for the power of God in the mundane. That hit me like a bullet and pierced me at my core. THE MUNDANE. The mundane of being at home. The mundane of working one job and going to the next. The mundane of waking up. The mundane of working out. Okay, enough of listing mundane things Aleks, get to the point. God calls me to look for His power in the mundane of my life. When I’m working my two different jobs, He is looking for me to ask how I can be His light and serve Him. He’s wanting me to look for the little opportunities to plant His seed. All of the things I was doing currently, but I thought would be put to better use at some Christian camp with screaming kids.

Finally I could breathe. For weeks, well three at most, I felt like I could barely catch my breath since I was so upset and anxious that I was out of God’s will and just doing what I wanted for my summer. He wanted me to look for the power of Jesus in the most mundane places of life. It’s hard guys, let me tell you. BUT it is oh so worth it. In the littlest things that I used to think were so dumb and couldn’t see how God could be involved, now I do, and honestly, it’s breath-taking. Now, that is my new motto. Looking for the power of Jesus in the mundane, because it’s so necessary, and so overlooked.

At times it’s still hard being home, doing what I’m doing, but He just reminds me, Aleks, I’ve called you to be here, and look for my power in the mundane, that’s all I ask. Because that is all He is asking of me, I can rest in that, because He is enough. He even asked me, “Aleks, what if I call you to do this same thing you’re doing this summer for all of the next summers that you come home from college, will you be okay with that?” Answering that question was hard, but I write my answer here that I gave to Him. NO. Just kidding, I got you didn’t I. YES. FREAKING YES. If that’s what He calls me to, I’m okay with it because I’m following Him, and following Christ isn’t always about the miracles and healings, sometimes, actually most of the time, it’s following Him in the simple, mundane of life. Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to share my faith with one of my coworkers. If I would have never looked for the power of Jesus in that moment, I would have lost that opportunity, or maybe not even have lost it, but not have seen the value of it, and savor it like I do. I don’t know what my coworker thought about what I said, but all I know is a seed was planted, a seed from me being faithful to my Lord.

So I challenge you, where are you missing the power of God in your life? Where are you not looking for Him in the simplest tasks of life, and where should you be? It’s a simple question to ask, but it’s so overlooked. After reading this post, I ask, and pray on your behalf, please don’t overlook these questions, the joy you will reap by answering them is unfathomable my dear friends. And so I ask you again, where can you look for the power of God in your mundane life?

well, I’m outtie. (one of my new phrases)

-Aleks Bennett.


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