a new season

Beginning this summer, I have stepped into an entirely new season in my life. A season of firsts, and what-ifs, and unknowns, and undaunted intimacy with the Lord. I begin a stage of life I never knew could come so quickly that brings along new challenges, new directions, and new rhythms of pace. Beginning this… Continue reading a new season


a refining

(June 18, 2017) As I sit here to type this post a wave of emotions have flooded over me. You've probably heard this before from me; but, coming home for the summer I was not ready for what the Lord had in store for me. Yet, when are we really? As I drove back home… Continue reading a refining

let me shout of Your faithfulness

since driving home for the semester and finally being able to rest in my own bed, I can honestly say that the Lord used this past semester to grow me more than I ever thought possible. of everything that the Lord has taught me, the greatest thing has been His faithfulness to me. He showed… Continue reading let me shout of Your faithfulness